2012, October - Stockholm: AMPHORA Meeting - European Debate on Evidence-based Alcohol Policy




Berzelius Symposium 87 - The Fifth European Alcohol Policy Conference



18 – 19th October 2012

 Stockholm - Sweden

The AMPHORA project and the Swedish Society of Medicine jointly organised a symposium, 17-19 October 2012, to support dialogue between alcohol science and policy and inform the future directions of European action.

This European conference was the final event of the AMPHORA Project, and as such aimed to share the outcomes of the project and discuss their value for national and local policies and practice, and future research. The event also succeeded in stimulating debate and creative thinking among the many and varied delegates from European countries and networks about the best opportunities and innovative strategies for tackling alcohol-related problems. The meeting further offered a major opportunity to share learning experiences and innovative ideas across countries about ways to enhance and promote evidence-based policies and practice.


Video of the AMPHORA Manifesto: for effective alcohol policy in Europe

Read the full AMPHORA manifesto document

Download the press release of the AMPHORA Final Conference

Photos of the event

The rapporteur's report by Professor Ross McCormick

Evaluation report of the conference

Conference programme


View presentations from the conference in the programme below:


Thursday 18th October

  • Working groups on key AMPHORA findings and implications for policy and practice.

Drinking environments - Dr. Karen Hughes, Liverpool John Moores University, England

Standards in Bar Management

Alcohol/policy legislation in drinking environments

Bar Smart - Where science meets practice

Brief interventions - Professor Colin Drummond, King’s College London, England

Monitoring European policy - Professor Jürgen Rehm, Dresden Technical University, Germany

Price and availability - Mr. Esa Osterberg, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Planned and unplanned determinats - Dr. Allaman Allamani, Tuscany Regional Health Agency, Italy

Advertising  - Professor Peter Anderson, AMPHORA


 Friday 19th October

  • Creative thinking sessions on innovative issues - Implications for science and for practice

Relocating dislocated spirits - Dr. Allaman Allamani, Tuscany Regional Health Agency, Italy

Psychoactive substance use and preventing alcohol problems - Professor Robin Room, Centre for Social  Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm, Sweden

Innovation in youth involvement in alcohol policy - Dr. Sofia Ribeiro, Vice President for Alcohol Policy and Advocacy, Alcohol Policy Youth Network

Getting the alcohol industry out of alcohol policy - Dr. Aurelijus Veryga, Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

New ideas for alcohol policy. Widening the scope - Ms. Jillian Reynolds, Scientific Officer, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain

New York, New York - Professor Peter Anderson, University of Maastricht, Netherlands and Newcastle University, England

  • Challenges facing us - Professor Robin Room, Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Future directions of European alcohol policy

Mr Lauri Beekmann, Chairman, Estonian Temperance Union, vice-president of Eurocare , board member of NordAN and BTACC

Krzysztof Brzozka, State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems (PARPA)

Evelyn Gillian, Alcohol Focus Scotland

Maja Stojanovska, Active - youth organisation

Video: "Human Right Generation in Poland"

Human Rights Generation's videos in other countries


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