Project description


The European Alcohol Policy Research Alliance

Taking into account the European research gap for effective policy-making, AMPHORA has created the European Alcohol Policy Research Alliance. Internationally renowned experts are engaged in the analysis of scarcely explored or non-explored noteworthy areas of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm, shared out in 9 interdependent work packages.

These areas include existing interventions and policies, socio-cultural determinants, advertisement, taxes, pricing, availability, access, early diagnosis and treatment, drinking environments and surrogate and illegal products.


Translating science into policy

The final goal of AMPHORA is the translation of science into policy trough easily understandable conclusions and recommendations.

AMPHORA aspires to strengthen the European research base on the impact of public health measures and interventions. This will enable a better guidance for integrated policy-making aimed at reducing the harm done by alcohol.

To ensure scientific findings correspond to the policy needs, two expert and counterpart meetings and a European Alcohol Policy conference will be held at the time that these countries hold the Presidency of the European Union.

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