Awareness Week on Alcohol-Related Harm

A group of organisations have come together to raise awareness among EU policy makers of alcohol-related harms by initiating the first European Awareness Week on Alcohol-Related Harm (AWARH’13), to be held from 13 to 17 May 2013. The AWARH’13, which will have the participation and contribution of several AMPHORA researchers, aims to highlight the negative effects of alcohol and call for greater action to address the problems it can cause.

Throughout the Week, several events and actions will be organised to encourage policy-makers and citizens to state their commitment to tackle alcohol-related harm and show support to address one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Europe.
On 15 May, Nessa Childers MEP (S&D, Ireland) will host a policy event in the European Parliament entitled ‘Time for action: The need for an integrated EU alcohol strategy’ (agenda available here). This event, at which the AMPHORA project results will be presented, will explore how EU policies can continue to tackle alcohol-related harm and will see the launch of the ‘Conclusions of the EU Roundtable on an Integrated Approach to Alcohol Related Harm‘.
Professor Peter Anderson and Dr. Antoni Gual, leaders of AMPHORA Project discuss why they support the first Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm.
 Professor Peter Anderson - Universities of Maastricht and Newcastle 


Dr. Antoni Gual - Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


  • Download press release on AMPHORA participation in AWARH'13 here.
  • Download the press release, agendas for the events and other materials of AWARH'13 here
  • Sign the electronic commitement to tackle alcohol-related harm in Europe here



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18-07-2012 - INEBRIA Conference (Barcelona-Spain, 27-28th September 2012)
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13-06-2012 - Addiction: What is the Added Value of the Concept Today? (Helsinki-Finland, 14-17th October 2012)
13-06-2012 - First ALICE RAP Policy Brief, ‘Alcohol – the Neglected Addiction’
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12-06-2012 - AMMIE Sports Sponsoring Reports
12-06-2012 - Study on optimal level of alcohol consumption for chronic disease prevention
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12-06-2012 - Scottish Government set to lower drink-drive limit
12-06-2012 - The struggle over Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol has only just begun
18-07-2012 - Scotland sets its minimum alcohol price at 50p per unit
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12-06-2012 - Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs draft bill to limit alcohol advertising
12-06-2012 - Shocking findings from EU project AMMIE on alcohol marketing to minors
17-07-2012 - WHO releases the study Alcohol in the European Union. Consumption, harm and policy approaches
12-06-2012 - Minimum alcohol price planned for England and Wales
20-03-2012 - AMPHORA Final Conference (Stockholm-Sweden 18-19th October 2012)
26-07-2011 - New AMPHORA database on scientific evidence on alcohol
28-06-2011 - First European Network Conference on Reducing Youth Drinking
27-06-2011 - 2012 AMPHORA meeting /Berzelius Symposium 87
27-06-2011 - ALICE-RAP project kick-off
21-06-2011 - Uploaded 2011 AMPHORA-WHO meeting documents
23-03-2011 - AMPHORA Addiction Supplement
23-03-2011 - Provisional programme and Joining Instructions: WHO-AMPHORA meeting
26-11-2010 - Alcohol leads the list of harmful drugs in the UK
20-10-2010 - 3-5 May 2011, Zurich: WHO National Counterparts for Alcohol Policy in the WHO European Region
02-07-2010 - 7th Conference of INEBRIA, 9 - 10 September 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden
01-07-2010 - 2010 ISBRA World Congress, 13 -16 September 2010, Paris, France
10-06-2010 - Provisional programme WHO - AMPHORA meeting - Madrid 2010
26-04-2010 - EMCCDA gathered information on alcohol-related harm reduction
22-04-2010 - Released: Eurobarometer on attitudes towards alcohol
20-04-2010 - The British government outlaws drinking promotions
12-04-2010 - Alarming alcohol-related harm detected in Brighton
06-04-2010 - The European Parliament did not support labelling on alcohol beverages.
06-04-2010 - Lunch seminar on alcohol marketing and young people
29-03-2010 - Further evidence of the effect of alcohol pricing on health
18-03-2010 - 3rd Open Forum on Alcohol and Health, 22 April 2010, Brussels
15-03-2010 - 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference, 21-22 June 2010, Brussels
15-03-2010 - Scottish charities for children support minimum alcohol pricing
15-03-2010 - Report on attitudes of young people towards alcohol
11-03-2010 - AMPHORA has been widely disseminated during the first year of operation
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