INEBRIA Conference (Barcelona-Spain, 27-28th September 2012)

INEBRIA, the International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol Problems, was created to to provide global leadership in the development, evaluation and implementation of evidence-based practice in the area of early identification and brief intervention for hazardous and harmful substance use.

The next INEBRIA conference, 'From Clinical Practice to Public Health: The Two Dimensions of Brief Interventions', aims to:

  • Enhance research on EIBI/SBI implementation as a public health tool.
  • Expand EIBI/SBI in emerging economies.
  • Promote expansion of EIBI/SBI to other drugs.
  • Continue promoting the use of new technologies on the implementation of EIBI/SBI.
  • Review the major achievements on EIBI/SBI research in the last 9 years since INEBRIA was launched and the INEBRIA contribution to them.

The conference, that will take place th 27-28th of September 2012 in Barcelona, seeks to serve as a tool to stimulate international cooperation between INEBRIA researches exploring different funding opportunities (NIDA, FP7, SANCO, etc) and especially among Spanish/Catalan speaking communities, hence the provision of English/Spanish translation throughout the conference.

Read more on the conference website.

Other News:
02-06-2014 - From now on, all relevant news related to addictions can be found in ALICE RAP website
28-06-2013 - A message to the European Sponsorship Agency: research shows that alcohol marketing is not harmless
03-06-2013 - Vested interests in addiction research and policy - New publication
28-05-2013 - Online Conference on Digital Alcohol Marketing (Online, 31st October 2013)
28-05-2013 - European Week Against Cancer (Dublin-Ireland, 29-30th May 2013)
28-05-2013 - INEBRIA Conference (Rome-Italy, 19-20th September 2013)
27-05-2013 - Impact Factor Distortions
27-05-2013 - Health in All Policies: Seizing opportunities, implementing policies
15-05-2013 - Awareness Week on Alcohol-Related Harm
26-04-2013 - Relationship between minimum alcohol prices and alcohol-attributable hospital admissions
15-04-2013 - Health in the Post - 2015 Agenda
12-04-2013 - Doctors & alcohol industry:an unhealthy mix?-New BMJ article on the GAPA Statement of Concern
09-04-2013 - Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2013 (Seoul-Republic of Korea, 7-9th October 2013)
20-03-2013 - Drug harms in the EU - A fresh look at science and policy (Brussels-Belgium, 15-16th May 2013)
18-03-2013 - The European health report 2012
18-03-2013 - Communicating EU Research & Innovation
01-03-2013 - Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK
19-02-2013 - An international legal strategy for alcohol control: not a framework convention—at least not yet
18-02-2013 - WHO Statement of concern
18-02-2013 - The relationship between minimum alcohol prices and alcohol attributable deaths
18-02-2013 - Liver disease in Europe
14-02-2013 - New study on early drunkenness as a risk factor for problem behaviors among adolescents
14-02-2013 - Eyes on Ages Network Conference (Amsterdam-Holland, 30th May 2013)
29-01-2013 - Effectiveness of a Selective, Personality-Targeted Prevention Program for Adolescent Alcohol Use
29-01-2013 - A public response to the Adam Smith Institute’s critique of the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model
22-01-2013 - Public health, academic medicine, and alcohol industry\'s corporate social responsibility activities
22-01-2013 - Alcohol problems in the criminal justice system - New WHO study
15-01-2013 - New database on alcohol policy regulation in Europe
08-01-2013 - The Alcohol Research UK Conference 2013 (London-UK, 12th March 2013)
04-01-2013 - Do time restrictions on alcohol advertising reduce youth exposure? - New Study
02-01-2013 - The Rise of Strong Beers in Europe
20-12-2012 - Complexity: Researching alcohol & other drugs in a multiple world (Aarhus, 21st-23rd April 2013)
20-12-2012 - Alcohol Policy 16 Conference (Washington DC-USA, 3rd-5th April 2013)
20-12-2012 - KBS Conference 2013 (Kampala-Uganda, 3rd-7th June 2013)
19-12-2012 - European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012–2020
19-12-2012 - New Study - Longitudinal Changes in White Matter Integrity Among Adolescent Substance Users
17-12-2012 - Global Burden of Disease Study 2010
17-12-2012 - Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines in Europe — DRUID project
20-11-2012 - Assessment of young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing in audiovisual and online media
20-11-2012 - An overview of the market for alcoholic beverages of potentially particular appeal to minors
27-07-2012 - NordAN Conference (Malmö-Sweden 20th-21st October 2012)
27-07-2012 - Willing consumers? Alcohol marketing and how to challenge it (Cardiff-UK, 6th September 2012)
18-07-2012 - INEBRIA Conference (Barcelona-Spain, 27-28th September 2012)
18-07-2012 - Study on the effect of alcohol portrayals in movies, music videos and soap operas among youngsters
18-07-2012 - Doctors call for ban on TV adverts for alcohol in UK
25-06-2012 - Under Control? (Bristol-UK, 21st-23rd June 2013)
13-06-2012 - Reducing Public Drunkenness and Over-serving Related Violence (Stockholm, 15-16th November 2012)
13-06-2012 - Addiction: What is the Added Value of the Concept Today? (Helsinki-Finland, 14-17th October 2012)
13-06-2012 - First ALICE RAP Policy Brief, ‘Alcohol – the Neglected Addiction’
11-06-2012 - Alcohol Policy Network Meeting (Stockholm-Sweden, 17th October 2012)
12-06-2012 - AMMIE Sports Sponsoring Reports
12-06-2012 - Study on optimal level of alcohol consumption for chronic disease prevention
18-07-2012 - New ESPAD study shows a reduction in heavy episodic drinking among youngsters
12-06-2012 - RAND launches a new study on the affordability of alcoholic beverages in the EU
12-06-2012 - Scottish Government set to lower drink-drive limit
12-06-2012 - The struggle over Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol has only just begun
18-07-2012 - Scotland sets its minimum alcohol price at 50p per unit
18-07-2012 - New report by CAMH on alcohol consumption, dependance and attributable burden of disease in Europe
12-06-2012 - Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs draft bill to limit alcohol advertising
12-06-2012 - Shocking findings from EU project AMMIE on alcohol marketing to minors
17-07-2012 - WHO releases the study Alcohol in the European Union. Consumption, harm and policy approaches
12-06-2012 - Minimum alcohol price planned for England and Wales
20-03-2012 - AMPHORA Final Conference (Stockholm-Sweden 18-19th October 2012)
26-07-2011 - New AMPHORA database on scientific evidence on alcohol
28-06-2011 - First European Network Conference on Reducing Youth Drinking
27-06-2011 - 2012 AMPHORA meeting /Berzelius Symposium 87
27-06-2011 - ALICE-RAP project kick-off
21-06-2011 - Uploaded 2011 AMPHORA-WHO meeting documents
23-03-2011 - AMPHORA Addiction Supplement
23-03-2011 - Provisional programme and Joining Instructions: WHO-AMPHORA meeting
26-11-2010 - Alcohol leads the list of harmful drugs in the UK
20-10-2010 - 3-5 May 2011, Zurich: WHO National Counterparts for Alcohol Policy in the WHO European Region
02-07-2010 - 7th Conference of INEBRIA, 9 - 10 September 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden
01-07-2010 - 2010 ISBRA World Congress, 13 -16 September 2010, Paris, France
10-06-2010 - Provisional programme WHO - AMPHORA meeting - Madrid 2010
26-04-2010 - EMCCDA gathered information on alcohol-related harm reduction
22-04-2010 - Released: Eurobarometer on attitudes towards alcohol
20-04-2010 - The British government outlaws drinking promotions
12-04-2010 - Alarming alcohol-related harm detected in Brighton
06-04-2010 - The European Parliament did not support labelling on alcohol beverages.
06-04-2010 - Lunch seminar on alcohol marketing and young people
29-03-2010 - Further evidence of the effect of alcohol pricing on health
18-03-2010 - 3rd Open Forum on Alcohol and Health, 22 April 2010, Brussels
15-03-2010 - 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference, 21-22 June 2010, Brussels
15-03-2010 - Scottish charities for children support minimum alcohol pricing
15-03-2010 - Report on attitudes of young people towards alcohol
11-03-2010 - AMPHORA has been widely disseminated during the first year of operation
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